Get EMI License in 3 – 6 months!

EMI licensing process step-by-step:

Preparatory phase:

  • Primary meeting with Sintesi Consulting and a Law firm;
  • Primary meeting with a specialist in Bank of Lithuania;
  • Document preparation actively cooperating with the client and Bank of Lithuania.

Licencing & Legal phase:

  • Submitting the paperwork to Bank of Lithuania;
  • Preparing document adjustments (if needed);
  • Repeated document submission (if needed).

Why Lithuania?

  • Lithuania is one of the two fastest EMI Licensing governments in EU;
  • License can be achieved in 3 – 6 months period;
  • The Bank of Lithuania offers “Regulatory Sandbox” regime for companies with MVP and;
  • “LBChain” for companies which are in product development stage.

What do you get?

Due to the visible leap in the E-money and payment areas, the Bank of Lithuania offers one license that opens the door to 28 European Union countries while accessing:

  • Over 500 million customers;
  • 24 million small / medium-sized enterprises;
  • Over 7,000 banks and credit unions.

In addition, the proposed infrastructure is tailored to your FinTech development:

  • Direct access to SEPA through the Bank of Lithuania;
  • You can reach 34 SEPA countries;
  • Access by the Bank of Lithuania to the API system and your unique IBAN code.

Sintesi Consulting” is taking into account the current market needs and persuading partnerships with law firms in Lithuania. We ensure that the client receives a full service package and licensing process will be as professional and smooth as possible.

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