The aim of the program is to create new jobs in separate territories of municipalities (subdistricts) for the indefinite employment of the unemployed, concentrating efforts of the local community and social partners to increase the employment of the population and to develop local social economic infrastructure.

Supported activities are the creation of new jobs (for example, creation of a workplace for tailors).

Eligible applicants are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The amount of funding is up to 20 000 EUR (up to 16 000 EUR for one job).

Financing intensity – 65-80%. all eligible costs.

Eligible costs:

  • tools, equipment, equipment, technical support (handicapped) and other work tools needed to ensure, work, install and adapt the workplace;
  • training where the job to be created requires professional qualifications or competencies for which the labor exchange does not organize vocational training;
  • for premises that are owned, repaired and adapted for the necessary workplace. Support for this type of expenditure may not exceed 50% of the total subsidy amount.

The call for proposals is scheduled for publication in 2019. I quarter.