The aim of the program “Regio Potential LT” is to encourage investments of micro-enterprises, small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of modern technologies, which would enable to adapt the existing and create new production capacities for the production of new and existing products, which in turn would allow for faster development and growth of Lithuania. regions. The activity supported by this program is the implementation of modern technologies, adapting existing and developing new production capacities for new and existing products.

Support may be provided to micro, small or medium-sized enterprises engaged in or planning to carry out industrial activities (except for companies in Vilnius and Kaunas cities and districts).

Support size:

  • According to the general regulation: 25 – 500 thousand. Eur;
  • According to the de minimis regulation: 25 – 200 thousand. Eur

Financing intensity:

  • Up to 45% for very small and small businesses;
  • Up to 35% for medium-sized enterprises;
  • Up to 65% under the de minimis Regulation

Form of funding: Returnable subsidy – between 5 and 10 % of eligible costs. The amount of funds eligible for the project promoter’s project depends on the results achieved by the Applicant, ie. the rate of change (%) of the labor productivity indicator.

Eligible costs:

  • Costs of construction of a new building or reconstruction of an existing building, major repairs, internal engineering networks necessary for the initial investment, introduction of new production technological lines or modernization of existing ones. Expenditure is eligible only if the property is the property of the applicant. These costs must not exceed 20%. all eligible costs of the project.
  • Purchase of equipment, equipment and other tangible fixed assets corresponding to the concept of state-of-the-art technology for the purpose of manufacturing activities and equipment leasing (including their transportation, design, installation, site preparation, installation, preparation, testing, training, safety briefing, maintenance (while installation, installation, preparation, testing) and related costs).
  • Expenditure on the purchase and leasing of targeted vehicles for industrial purposes.


All acquired assets must be new and placed on the market no earlier than 3 years.