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,,Human Resources Invest LT+“ 


Details of the upcoming call for measure No. 09.4.3-ESFA-K-805 ,,Human Resources Invest LT+“ are becoming apparent.

The objective of the ,,Human Resources Invest LT+“ measure: is to promote foreign direct investment by enabling the improvement of the qualifications, knowledge, and skills of investors staff.

Supported activities: training and qualification development of employees of investors investing in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania in production and/or services, including the organization of on-the-job training.

 Eligible applicants: a foreign investor (company), or a private legal person(s) and/or a natural person(s) established (acquired) in the Republic of Lithuania by a foreign investor (private legal person(s) and/or natural person(s)), over which the foreign investor exercises a decisive influence, or a branch in the Republic of Lithuania established by a foreign investor (company); partners are not eligible.

The amount of the investor’s private investment in an investment project implemented, currently being implemented or planned to be implemented in Lithuania, which must have been invested not earlier than 36 months prior to the submission of the application and not later than 24 months after the date of signing of the project agreement, shall be at least EUR 3 000 000 (three million euros);

or the investment project creates at least 50 full-time jobs, or the average monthly gross wage of all the applicant’s employees is at least 1,5 times the average monthly wage in the national economy.

Funding: from  10 000 Eur. up to  150 000 Eur.

Intensity: between 50 % – 70 % of the total eligible costs.

 Eligible costs:

– teachers’ salary costs, where payment is made for the hours during which teachers are involved in teaching/learning. These costs are eligible only if the applicant carries out the training itself as part of the planned training activities of the project, without purchasing services;

– travel costs in Lithuania directly related to the project;

– costs of travel in the Republic of Lithuania by trainees directly related to the project;

– costs of travel to foreign countries by trainees directly related to the project;

– expenditure for the purchase of materials and supplies directly related to the project, which are classified as current assets;

– depreciation of tools and equipment belonging to the project promoter, in so far as the depreciation is due to their use solely for the training project;

– the cost of hiring a hall, equipment for the hours during which the trainees attend the training (not applicable when the training takes place in the workplace);

– catering costs for trainees (not applicable when the training takes place at the workplace);

– costs of accommodation in the Republic of Lithuania for trainees with disabilities;

– costs of accommodation abroad for trainees with disabilities;

– costs of consultancy services related to the training project, i.e. the organisation and delivery of the training;

-costs for the trainees for the hours during which the trainees participate in the training (wage costs).

These costs are eligible if the training is not carried out at a distance and if the distance training is carried out during the working hours of the trainees and the implementing authority is provided with supporting documents agreed with it. The salaries of the trainees are eligible as the applicant’s own contribution.

– Indirect costs and other costs at the fixed rate of the project costs.

Call for proposals: expected in Q3 2021.

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