A strong team

When developing any project, we strive for only the best results, therefore we foster high standards of work ethics, value initiative and the ability to make non-standard decisions. We are open and trust each other, and as a result, we move forward as one and rapidly expand the expertise of each employee, from research and experimental development to financial technology and from industry to agriculture.

Variety of tasks

There is no routine in our daily life – working with clients from different fields, we take on new challenges every day, which provide even more opportunities to improve and immerse ourselves in interesting and meaningful work. In addition, when developing projects of various sizes and types, the activities of Sintesi Consulting are not limited to working at the computer. From the very beginning, we try to establish a strong relationship with each client, and at the same time get to know their activities more closely, which is why we go to business meetings or even further trips.


We give each employee the opportunity to create an individual development program that meets their needs and interests, which complements the general internal and external training conducted in the company. In pursuit of common goals, our colleagues constantly share news and experience, so the additional knowledge promotes not only personal growth, but also the growth of the entire team.

Time with a colleague

We create traditions together, so each of us contributes to the warm atmosphere of the team in which we work. We also try new activities, engage in active and creative entertainment and organize trips in Lithuania and abroad. All this not only strengthens the mutual connection, but also helps you get to know yourself better, discover new strengths.

Who creates Sintesi Consulting?

We are constantly recruiting people of different ages and educational backgrounds to our team, who are united by the common goal of providing the highest quality services to our clients and contributing to significant changes in the business and scientific markets.

We accept experienced professionals who want to change their professional path and those who work purposefully in this field, but are looking for new challenges and opportunities.

At the same time, we believe that the success of the company is determined not only by years of experience, but also by a strong desire to learn and motivation to become part of important projects. If you are a graduate or have recently graduated, we are ready to share our knowledge so that you become the best professional in your field not only through theoretical but also practical experience.

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