Types of EMI licenses and the application process


What is EMI?

An electronic money institution (EMI) is a market participant licensed by the Bank of Lithuania to issue electronic money. Electronic money is prepaid monetary value issued by an electronic money institution and stored in electronic media that can be used for payment purposes. An electronic money institution may also carry out money remittances, payment transactions, cash deposit and withdrawal services, direct debit, and credit transfers, etc.

The status of EMI in Lithuania

During the first quarter of 2021 Lithuania has amassed 84 electronic money institutions that, in turn, have generated 88.9 million euros in revenues. More information about the first quarter can be found here.

The types of EMI licenses

An electronic money institution may have a limited operating license, its managers are subject to lighter requirements, it is not subject to capital and shareholder eligibility requirements, but it is subject to limits on the average amount of electronic money outstanding and/or the turnover of payment transactions, and it may only operate in Lithuania.

Although, an electronic money institution with an unlimited license can operate throughout the EU and is subject to capital requirements of not less than 350 thousand euros.

 Want to know more?

If you are interested in EMI and would like to familiarize yourself with the licensing process in Lithuania – we offer a brief overview of the process here.

We also provide a synopsis of The Bank of Lithuania’s issued guidelines for an electronic money institution license here.

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Source : Bank of Lithuania



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