Employee training for foreign investors


Lithuanian government will launch a call for financing foreign investors’ employee training  with “Human Resources INVEST LT+” program. Applications will be open to submission 2021 March.

Supported activities include – investors’, who invest in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania into production and (or) services, staff training and professional development, which aim at providing necessary expertise, specialized professional knowledge and skills, including on the job training organization.

Requirements for the applicant: The Applicant shall have already invested at least EUR 3 m., or alternatively, have already created or plan to create at least 50 job places by 24th month after the project is over, to be eligible to apply for the support or the average monthly salary (gross) of all the applicant’s employees is 1.5 times higher than the average monthly salary in the national economy.

Max. amount of support – EUR 500 00050 % of the total eligible direct and indirect project costs. The financed part could be increased under the following conditions.

  1. Micro companies (up to 50 employees): Up to 70%
  2. Medium-sized companies (up to 250 employees): Up to 60%
  3. Large companies (more than 250 employees): Up to 50 %

Eligible direct costs:

  1. Project staff costs – internal trainers salaries (training);
  2. Local travel costs of trainers related to training activities;
  3. Local and international travel costs of employees related to training activities;
  4. Costs directly associated with the project materials’ and supplies’ (current assets) purchase or rent;
  5. Depreciation costs of tools and equipment exclusively used for the training;
  6. Training related accommodation costs of disabled employees;
  7. Training related consulting services (Training organization and implementation costs);
  8. Costs of trainee salaries incurred during training based on estimated working time hours.

Indirect costs stemming from direct training activities (project administration costs). Training of general nature like team building activities, the organization’s culture related training, training related to development of personal effectiveness (eg. conflict resolution, stress management, communication, motivation, time planning, emotional intelligence, leadership, positive thinking, creativity, capacity-building and so on.) and mandatory trainings are not financed by the scheme.

Priority is given to applicants who

  1. A higher rating is given to those projects in which a larger number of employees corresponding to qualification levels I – V participate in the training.
  2. The estimated duration of the implemented project is a new investment project or a development investment project. Priority points are awarded to those new investment projects in which a foreign investor’s company has been operating in the Republic of Lithuania for less than 3 years. If a foreign investor’s company has been operating in the Republic of Lithuania for more than 3 years, no points are awarded.
  3. Has a very small, small and medium-sized business status


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